3 Benefits Of A Weight Loss Journal

If you’re trying to lose weight, but you’re feeling disorganized and unmotivated, a weight loss journal can help you stay focused. There are three excellent reasons to start your own.

1: It Provides Information

When you’re writing down what you eat, when you workout, and how you feel about yourself and your body, you can detect patterns. Use this data to your advantage. Perhaps you’ll notice that you’re most likely to eat bad foods at night or in the car. Knowing that will help you implement strategies to change your behavior.

2: It Holds You Accountable

Writing down your successes and failures on a daily basis keeps it all right in front of you. Record your weight, your calories consumed, and the amount of time you were physically active. This will show you where you’re strong and where you need work. You have no reason to lie to your weight loss journal, and it will help you take a stern, committed approach to staying on track.

3: It Helps You Celebrate

The journal can also be the first witness to your biggest successes. Whether it’s losing the first 10 pounds, reaching your goal weight, or successfully avoiding the donuts in the conference room, your journal can help you feel good about yourself and the direction of your health.

A weight loss journal is a great way to stay motivated and on task. It doesn’t have to be complex; a simple notebook or online word processing software is all you really need.