Class Rating For Effective Stacking Of Prohormones

The class rating of different prohormones and steroid have been established to help users, trainers and experts to understand the combinational effect and strength of certain prohormone stacks(click prohormone stacks link for more info). Here are some of the common classes that you might want to consider in your best prohormone stack cycle:

Class I

Compounds in this class are not methylated, hence considered friendly to the liver (best prohormone stacks 20% OFF). This is because they have mild or low risks of toxicity. In addition, these compounds produce results that are easy to maintain. What’s more they are easy to plan; hence any average user can effortlessly go about his business of using the combination without the worry of messing up or referring to a manual every time. This makes this class the best for savvy users. Some of the best products under this class are over the counter PCTs. They include Furazadrol, Winadrol, Furaguno and Winabol, which are non-Methylated options known to be great cutters and the best stacking prohormones.

Class II

These are purely methylated compounds, meaning that users need to take precaution to avoid liver damage. These compounds carry severe side effects compared to Class I compounds. Nevertheless, they come with better gains than class Class I compounds. It is recommended to go for prescription grade PCTs, but even OTC will suffice as well. These include Halodrol, Halo-D - Methylated, H-Drol, and other great options such as multi-purpose compounds, including Promagnon, P-Mag — Methylated (best prohormones for cutting fat). Other options may include H-Drol and better bulker Protodrol, which are the new additions on the market.

Class III Compounds

If you are a seasoned user with an experience of 2-3 complete cycles, then this class of compounds will be suitable for you. However, these compounds have more common side effects than class I and II compounds. The gains of this class of compounds are not easy to maintain, especially after the cycle is complete. For this reason, a post cycle therapy of prescription grade supplements is highly recommended. When using these compounds, it is important to opt for shorter cycles because of their common side effects. Some of the recommended options include trenbolone, clones, estrogen control M-1, 4ADD and superdrol.

Class IV

These are perhaps the strongest of all compounds and are known to produce dramatic gains. However, they harbour serious side effects. As with class III, these compounds are designed for expert users only. Pheraplex is a great option for bulking while superdrol is a perfect wet bulk gainer. Other options may include S-Drol-Methylated.

With the above information about class rating, you probably won’t stack any class III compounds (best prohormones for bulking muscle). It is common practice to take a class and another one two class lower than the top class. Similarly, you will not be correct to stack two or more compounds that feature a lot of side effects. It is advisable to avoid stacking compounds that perform the same job, instead go for compliments of each other, that is a cutting prohormone and a bulker, a dry gainer and a wet gainer. Ensure to consult your doctor to help you choose the best prohormone stack or prohormone stacks that will be healthy and worth your hard-earned money.

Review Of The Best Prohormones For Women Athletes

The use of pro hormones among women is a very tricky subject due to the negative effects of the strongest prohormone supplements, which are more likely to occur in women if the pro hormones are not properly used. In fact, despite the wide range of prohormones for sale, there are very few legal prohormones that are recommended for use by women athletes. Nevertheless, with proper caution, women can safely use pro hormones but a woman should never use a pro hormone without first reading prohormone reviews from women athletes.

Review of the best prohormones suitable for women athletes


According to best prohormone reviews from athletes, the results of Furazobol are similar to those of Winstrol. Furazabol was initially formulated to treat high levels of bad cholesterol as well as to eliminate plaque in the arteries but it has become prominent among bodybuilders due to its ability to enhance power and endurance. The pro hormone has mild androgenic effects, which allows it to be used by women without the risk of side-effects especially when it is accompanied by a suitable on-cycle support and post cycle therapy.

When properly cycled, Furazabol can help athletes attain lean, hard muscle mass as well as prevent the build-up of bad cholesterol. Although it does not cause androgenic effects, improper use of Furazabol can trigger acne breakouts. The recommended daily dosage for male athletes is between 10 to 20mg in a 6 to 8-week cycle. Although Furazabol will only lead to moderate muscle gains, it is effective in increasing definition and fat loss. Men athletes can stack Furazabol with other muscle-building agents such as Deca-Durabolin. For women athletes, the recommended daily dose should be between 2 to 5mg in more than 4-weeks.


Although Drostanolone was initially used as a chemotherapy agent in the treatment of recurrent breast cancer and as a remedy to treat unwanted bad cholesterol spikes, it is now considered one of the best stacking agents that should be part of every pro hormone cycle (best prohormone stack 2020 for strength weightlifting). With a mild anabolic rating of 62 and a mild androgenic rating of 25, Drostanolone can be used by both male and female athletes. The recommended dosage for male athletes is between 400 and 500mg per week while the recommended dosage for women athletes is between 50 and 100mg per week. An ideal Drostanolone cycle should take 6 to 8 weeks.


If you are looking for the best pro hormone supplement suitable for a woman athlete, you should buy prohormones online in stores that offer real users prohormone reviews.