Best Steroid Cycles : Some Common Regimes

Best steroid cycles and best steroid stacks

There are so many different steroid cycles and steroid stacks that it is never possible to talk about one best steroid cycle or one best steroid stack which will work for everybody. So, even at the risk of sounding banal, we will have to repeat what you may have heard or read so many times which is that it entirely depends on your goal—on what you want to achieve from your use of steroid—which steroid cycle or steroid stack (great strength stack steroids) will work best for you.

Having said that, we may still point out that there are some common cycles and stacks that are popular with many athletes. These different routines or regimes serve different purposes, so we would recommend that you educate yourself as much as you can on the subject of using steroid before deciding on a particular stack or cycle.

As for steroids cycles, pyramid cycles and double cycles are the most common ones. In pyramiding, you start with smaller dose of a steroid (or steroids if you are using a stack) and then you gradually increase the dose until you reach the highest prescribed dose at which time you stop and the cycle comes to an end. These cycles, as most steroid cycles do, last for 12 weeks. However, there is also an inverted pyramid cycle used by advanced athletes (great bulking stack steroids). In this routine, the athlete starts from the highest dose and then gradually brings it down to a very low dosage. Contrary to the former cycle, the inverted cycle typically lasts for eight weeks. However, recreational users are strongly advised against using this regime since their body will not be able to tolerate a high dosage at the very beginning of a cycle.

As to the double cycles, they are so called since the cycles are divided into two halves (often of equal duration) with a very short break (typically of one week) in between. In double cycles, we have the ‘double mini cycle’ and the ‘3-week blitz cycle’. They follow different patterns regarding the consumption of the steroids included in the cycle. In the mini cycle, the dosages of different steroids remain constant all through the cycle whereas in the blitz, each steroid in the cycle (great cutting stack steroids) is discontinued after a period of three weeks and each steroid follows its preceding one but with a one week overlap between themselves. This is also known as a double cycle since a one week gap is observed between the 7th and the 9th week of the cycle.